Caronavirus Operational Changes and Safety Measures

A note about COVID 19… 

🧼 Our sanitation crews have long been on the frontlines of keeping people healthy. Visible fluids, or invisible pathogens – we clean and disinfect it. We know that for many of our residential clients, our service is integral part of their care continuum. The public in general depends upon the cleaning and sanitizing of shared community spaces, offices, and other high traffic areas to control the spread of viruses and bacteria. We are not only fully operational, but more in demand than ever.
😷 Our cleaners have always launched with the necessary ppe, including: gloves, masks, booties, and sanitizing spray.  Please feel comfortable communicating with us and your cleaning crew about your specific needs or concerns.

👩‍⚕️ All employees checking into the office for their work shift will be pre-screened by a Registered Nurse, duly licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Pre-screening will take place in a private office, include taking their temperature, and asking a series of questions about their physical and emotional health that day.

💧What do we sanitize with?

The technical name of the 2.5 pH Ionized Water is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL), which is a powerful sanitizer and cleaning solution, and is substantially more effective than hypochlorite, which is the foundational ion found in chlorine bleach.

The 2.5 pH sanitizing water also has a very high positive ORP, oxidation reduction potential. This high positive ORP has a significant synergistic effect with the hypochlorous acid. The 2.5 pH sanitizing water damages the pathogen’s cell membrane by inhibiting its osmotic protein pumps, which remove excess fluids from a cell. This allows the water to flood the cell and cause it to burst, which is another reason it is so effective in killing germs.

And, unlike other disinfecting methods, the 2.5 pH sanitizing water does not create resistant strains of pathogens and does not leave behind harsh chemical residue or harsh waste products. In fact, it is one of the most environmentally safe sanitizing solutions available.

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Are you staying in one of our vacation rentals? We want you to know that your vacation rental is a safe, clean, professionally managed space.

📋 For your reference, Massachusetts Safety Standards and Checklists that apply to short-term rentals, can be found here:

🛠️ Over the coming days and weeks, we will be making moves to meet all of these benchmarks set by the state, in order to meet the highest standards of professionalism and hospitality at your short-term vacation rental. If you have specific concerns about your home or your stay, we are happy to chat them through with you to find a resolution. Book an appointment to speak with Jessica about your concerns at

🧺 Are the household and bed linens clean?

Short term vacation rentals are independently operated and managed. Be sure to inquire with the rental agent, owner, or manager of your vacation rental! Even if sheets and towels were not included in your rental and you were always planning to bring your own, for the sake of clarity, you should ask directly if the bed pillow covers, mattress pads, and bed blankets will be rotated and cleaned between guests.

🛏️ If you would like to ensure that you arrive to a fully turnover hotel-style rental- including clean mattress pads, pillows, duvets and covers, sheets, towels, bath mats, etc. and your vacation rental does not provide this service, you may make arrangements with us directly. Inquiries can be emailed to [email protected] In your message please include the service address, dates of stay, bed configuration, and number of persons in your party.