Pricing & Policies

Thank you for considering Cape Cod Cleaning Collaborative for your Cape Cod Cleaning cleaning needs.  We are a properly insured cleaning and property management company serving the needs of businesses, residents, and visitors located on most of Cape Cod. 

HOURLY BILLABLE RATE: $75 per person hour, broken into 15 minute increments.  We have a 3 hour minimum for service ($225).

Flat rate maintenance cleaning appointments and vacation rental service are only available following a deep clean. Monthly and as-needed appointments are longer than bi-weekly appointments and are often similar in size and scope to a first time clean, and will be completed hourly.

Spring / First Time / Deep Cleaning Estimates

A person-hour is the amount of work performed by the average worker in one hour. It is used for estimation of the total amount of uninterrupted labor required to perform a task. 6 person hours could look like 2 cleaners for 3 hours, or 3 cleaners for 2 hours.

The ultimate time and cost will be determined by the size and scope of the project on the date of service.  You will only be charged for the time actually used.

# of BedroomsEstimated # of HoursEstimated Cost
Studio4 hours – 6 hours $300 – $450
1 bedroom6 hours – 8 hours $450 – $600
2 bedroom8 hours – 10 hours $600 – $750
3 bedroom10 hours – 14 hours $750 – $1050
4 bedroom14 hours – 18 hours $1050 – $1350
5 bedroom16 hours – 20 hours $1200 – $1500
Number of bathrooms, total square footage, and scope of work will impact the total number of hours and cost.

BiWeekly Maintenance and Vacation Rental Cleaning Estimates

# of BedroomsEstimated # of HoursEstimated Cost
Studio3 hr minimum$225
1 bedroom3 hr minimum$225
2 bedroom3 hours – 4 hours $225 – 300
3 bedroom4 hours – 6 hours $300 – $450
4 bedroom5 hours – 8 hours $375 – $600
5 bedroom6 hours – 10 hours $450 – $750
Number of bathrooms, total square footage, distance from our office in Dennis, and scope of work will impact the total number of hours and cost of flat rate appointments.

If you would like an estimate for service, please submit an inquiry here.

If you would like to connect by phone or zoom, please schedule a time here.

Vacation Rental Linens (for short term rentals only) are $65/bed – includes sheets and towels.

Same Day Lock Out Fee: $225.00 (minimum for service)

Access: We do not launch with keys, on site access must be provided. This can be as simple as a lockbox. If you need help with this piece, just ask. 

Payment: We love our employees, and as part of our commitment to their overall wellbeing we choose to pay them weekly. Therefore, as an important part of our cash management plan and for the sake of efficiency, clients are required to have a payment method on file with the office for processing upon completion of the service. You will be emailed a paid invoice following service and may request a statement of account at any time.

Communication is important to us. Please send all scheduling and cleaning requests, feedback and updated house notes to [email protected]