3 Non-Toxic Truths Behind Operating a Short-Term Rental on Cape Cod

For owners, operators and property managers.

3 Non-Toxic Truths, Cape Cod, MA

As the leading experts in Covid compliant sanitation practices, a local source for vendor referrals with access to the industry’s leading technology, we want to share 3 Non-Toxic Truths Behind Operating a Short-Term Rental on Cape Cod.

Whether your short term rental home is quaint and cozy or large and luxurious, your guest expectations don’t differ when it comes to cleanliness. The value of a professional cleaning service for your rental property is priceless. In today’s market you can find a million eco-friendly cleaning products. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of the trend and advertise your vacation rental property as “Green?” This article is for anyone dreaming of or is already an owner, operator or manager of short-term rental properties. Contact me at https://cleaningcollaborative.com/contact/ for more information about Non-Toxic Cleaning and Short Term Rental Property management.

Excerpt & true story from, The Cleaning Diaries

“Dear Diary, I’m super excited to have been promoted to the HR position here at work. Interviewing students enrolled in the J1 work and travel program for the house cleaning position. Meeting these incredible people from around the world via Skype as been an incredible experience. I’ve assured them and their families a fun and safe experience here in Wellfleet, MA, USA.

My hires have arrived, safe and sound. However, something isn’t sitting well with me. As we completed the last hour of in-house training, I realized I had just handed them a bucket of cleaning chemicals and asked them to go poison themselves. Sigh.  

There is a better way.“  


Non-Toxic Truth #1: Its notable if they notice.

Non-toxic cleaning products are important to Cape Cod visitors. As vacation rental property managers we receive hundreds of inquiries each year specifically about the products that are used for cleaning. This is important to your clients when operating a short-term rental on Cape Cod. Whether they are passionate about supporting the movement or making health & wellness a priority, it’s important to ensure your guests feel at home and safe during their stay.

We know consumers are shopping for safe cleaning options. Why not stock the shelves with what they want? Providing chemical free cleaning solutions for your guests to use during their stay will not only encourage them to clean up after themselves but it is a common notable mention in positive guest reviews! Its notable if they notice. How will you stand out in a sea of rentals?

If you’re not sure what to stock in your Cape Cod vacation rental home and would like a complete list, check out this post, Shop & Stock, it’s a great place to start!

Non-Toxic Truth #2: On Cape Cod fish are friends & food.

Protecting our fragile ecosystem here on Cape Cod is a priority. Investment property owners and property managers should consider as many eco-friendly products as possible. You will be aiding in the protection and preservation of the groundwater, plants, landscape, and marine life. Choose to purchase more environmentally friendly products, as a result, you are making a positive impact on the future of your investment home. For example, choose biodegradable dish soap.

Travelers love to eat local, fresh food, no matter their destination. In this fishing community, fish are friends & food!
To make this easier to understand, imagine the specials menu at one of our most popular seafood restaurants reading, Cape Cods Favorite Clorox-Clam Strip Roll or Lobster ala Lysol. Protecting our local resources will allow this vacation destination to continue to thrive.

Non-Toxic Truth #3: Safe cleaning products are affordable.

Green cleaning products are a great way to market your business. But did you know they can be cost effective too?

Safe cleaning products are affordable. By making your own cleaning solutions you will one, decrease your carbon footprint. Two, you cut down on the number of containers you buy. Thirdly and equally important… you will save money! Your shipping and product expenses will decrease. Less plastic, fewer shipping containers and cardboard and less transport emissions.

Cape Cod Cleaning Collaborative uses a chemical free product and I keep them no secret. I encourage homeowners and PMs to watch this demo at https://thecape.cloud/KangenDemo. Here, you will learn more about how we make our own cleaning products in house.

Want to get started today? Check out Make Your Own Zone by one of my favorites Do it yourself bloggers! Beverly’s Sal Suds Dilution Sheet & Cleaning Recipes is full of sudsy value.

The real estate market and short-term rental industry continues to dominate on The Cape & Islands. Short-term rentals are competitive. We rely on seasonal visitors more than ever, however, let us not forget it’s the natural beauty that attracts our visitors to Cape Cod. Be sure you are presenting your vacation rental home in its brightest and most natural light.

Are you operating or thinking about operating a short-term rental on Cape Cod and want to level up your visibility, guest satisfaction and profits? Book a 20 complimentary coaching session with me! I look forward to finding out how I can effectively help you streamline your vacation rental business.

See you then!

Green Cleaning Your Home

Green Cleaning Your Home with Kangen Water and the Enagic® machine!

It is important to maintain a clean home to keep your family in the best of health.  Unfortunately, many cleaning products available today contain toxic, unnatural ingredients that are harmful to the environment and to our health.  Even some of the “all-natural” products on the market today contain harmful chemicals.

If you have been looking for green, safe cleaning products for your home, Cape Cod Cleaning Collaborative has the answer.  We us the Enagic® water ionizing machine to make our own household cleaning products that will not pose a risk to your family.  You can use different PH levels of water combined with only a saline solution to disinfect and clean your home.  You will be amazed at the sparkle!

Let’s talk about a few of the ways you can use Kangen cleaning waters in different rooms in your home!

First let’s talk about the Bathroom.  Although the bathroom is the second most germ filled room in your home, the bathroom is definitely a breeding ground for bacteria.  Your bathtub is actually the dirtiest place in your bathroom1.   Other areas in your bathroom that love to breed bacteria and should be watched out for are toothbrushes, countertops, the toilet and the bathroom sink.  Here are a few pointers to keep your bathroom clean and safe for your family:

  1. Scrub the Tub: Wash your bathtub once or twice a week with Strong Kangen Water (PH 11.5) to fight tough dirt and stains, and then Strong Acidic Water (PH 2.5) to disinfect and stop germs from spreading.
  1. Clean Your Toothbrush: Besides switching your toothbrush out every 3 months, you should routinely disinfect it with Strong Acidic Water (PH 2.5) Once a week, spray your toothbrush with Strong Acidic Water and then rinse..
  1. Keep the Toilet Clean (Without Bleach or Chemicals): Thanks to Enagic®, you do not have to use bleach to keep your toilet sparkling clean! With your Strong Acidic Water (PH 2.5) spray bottle, attack toilet bowl germs 2 or 3 times a week. For stubborn toilet bowl stains, use full-strength Strong Kangen Water (PH 11.5).
  1. Clean with Confidence: Clean all over surfaces with Strong Kangen Water (PH 11.5), including doorknobs, cabinet hardware, sinks and faucets, floors, etc. Feel confident knowing that you’re keeping your home safe, spotless, and green!

The kitchen contains a plethora of germs, with more bacteria than even your bathroom!2 With so many pathogens lurking about your countertops, cutting boards, sponges, and dish rags, we will use Enagic® to help you maintain a safe, clean kitchen.

Here are some helpful tips to ward off the germs in the kitchen:

  1. Clean Your Sponges: Wash your sponges regularly in the dishwasher and microwave them for two minutes while still damp. This can help remove germs that easily spread from your sponge to your countertops and dishes.
  1. Keep It Clean :Use the All-Purpose Strong Kangen Water (PH 11.5). to wipe away germs from cutting boards, your sink and faucet, garbage cans, countertops, cabinet hardware, knives, floors with messy spills, etc. Strong Kangen Water is a powerful all-purpose cleaner that fights grime, grease, stains, germs, and dirt all over your house. You should then spray these items with Strong Acidic Water (PH 2.5), which acts as a disinfectant. Keep two spray bottles of these extra strength cleaners close by, and keep those germs on the run!
  1. Wash Your Hands: Before and after handling food, be sure to wash your hands. The Enagic® Hand Sanitizer will help keep your hands disinfected with Strong Acidic Water (PH 2.5) as you prepare healthy foods and cook delicious meals for your family.

Window Cleaning has always been my least favorite task.  I was never able to clean a window without streaking it.  When you open the window shades to let the sunlight shine through your home, the last thing you want to see is dust build-up or streaks left behind from a window cleaner. How can you achieve crystal clear windows without the use of chemicals? The 6.0 PH Kangen Water is the best glass cleaner you will ever use!  Spray it on, wipe it off with a rag and you will be streak free!

The Enagic® water machine will produce as much water as you need to fight germs before they become a health risk. All you need is a little preparation to make sure your spray bottles are well labeled and situated, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to maintain a green and clean household!

There’s no reason to use chemicals to clean when you have an Enagic® machine! Appreciate your clean and safe home, and enjoy the greener life.  If you don’t have an Enagic® machine be sure to use a cleaning company that does!

For more information on green cleaning your home or additional information about the waters made by the Enagic® machine contact Cape Cod Cleaning Collaborative today!

1 http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/21423163/ns/today-today_health/
2 www.webmd.com/food-recipes/features/germs-in-kitchen

DIY Green Cleaning

When we began researching green and natural cleaners, we were completely aghast to learn what a murky and misleading industry has been created around these so called “green” products.

It turns out that the folks at the Environmental Worker’s Group have been on the forefront of this issue for some time.  EWG is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. If you haven’t done so, we highly recommend that you research your cleaning products through their database.

To save you a bit of time, here are direct links to some of the most popular and widely-used products on the market.

Mrs. Meyer’s
Seventh Generation
Simple Green
The Honest Co.
Green Works

Shocking, right?  So what are environmentally conscience cleaners to do?  For our part, we’ve decided to take it all the way back to the basics: soap and water, vinegar, baking soda and essential oils.  We especially love Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Sal Suds All Purpose Liquid Cleaner, a cruelty-free, fair-trade, biodegradable and EWG A-rated product.  Check out all the ways you can use Sal Suds on Lisa Bronner’s Sal Suds Dilution Cheat Sheet.

It was important to us that our cleaning formulas be nontoxic, DIY (do it yourself), affordable, effective and that we share them with you.  So here goes…

General All Purpose Cleaner

Pro Tip: Add the soap AFTER you fill the bottle or you’ll be inundated with suds.

General Purpose Disinfectant

Pro Tip: Add the soap AFTER you fill the bottle or you’ll be inundated with suds.  Also, due to the acidity of the vinegar, this formula is not suitable for wood and soft stones such as granite.

General Purpose Soft Scrub

Blend together.  Pro-tip: my Ninja Juicer is perfect for this task!

Let us know what you think!  Weigh in on Facebook.